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Pharma Test Instruments India Pvt. Ltd.

Pharma Test Instruments India Pvt Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of Pharma Test Apparatebau AG, Germany. The Company is established in 2011 and has a registered Office in Hyderabad.

The PTII’s main focus is on providing the best customer support across India on Pharma Test Products on sales, installation, after sales maintenance, technical support, IQ/OQ qualification, as well as calibration & application support to the End Users and Distributors.

The Two Product Categories of Pharma Test

Pharma Test Apparatebau AG, Germany

Founded in Germany over 35 years ago Pharma Test is an internationally leading manufacturer and household name for the development and production of high-value test devices and systems. We offer a complete product range from manual, physical testing instruments to fully automated, analytical test systems to analyze the active chemical composition of a dosage form as well as its release rate.

The company was founded in 1979 by Franz J. Fähler to fill the gap in the equipment range. Today Pharma Test offers a wide portfolio in the two product categories “Galenic Instruments” and “Dissolution Testing”. Pharma Test Dissolution Testing systems are used for the quality testing of solid dosage formats like tablets, capsules, suppositories, ampoules and bulk materials. The Galenic range features all instruments used for the testing of physical parameters of solid dosage formats and of powders and granules.

Serving industries

We serve for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics industries as well as for universities and public authorities worldwide. Our priority is to offer state-of-the-art products with the quality, longevity and usability you would expect from our “Made in Germany” label – “The German Gründlichkeit”.

Strong distributor network

In order to serve the needs on a global scale Pharma Test has established over the decades a worldwide network of qualified distributing partners. Now our strong distributor network has over 100 partnering companies all over the world. Happy to be of help.

Pharma Test Instruments India Private Limited
Pragathi Nagar, Medchal Dist. Hyderabad - 500090, Telangana. T: +91 40 48591800 E: c.neelam@pharma-test.in